You can change stations in your account once per month with no additional charge.

For example, if you want to remove a station and replace it with another, you can do that. However, changes to stations monitored can be made only once every 30 days. Any changes made will lock all selections for the month. So choose carefully and make all changes at one time.

To change stations, navigate to the Stations tab in your account:

From there, simply de-select the station you wish to remove and then select the station you wish to add by clicking on the box next to the station. Remember to save your changes by clicking the Save icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

You can add stations to your account at any time. Each new station will result in an additional fee, prorated to the date the station is added. Changes made during a month will be added to the following month’s charges and a prorated fee for additional days used (in the previous month) will be included. For details on how to add stations, click here.

To reduce the number of stations monitored, contact us through Support here. Your account will be adjusted in AudioLogger.


  • If you wish to reduce the stations monitored, please ensure the number of stations active in your account is at or below the number of stations you wish. If you’re actively monitoring 10 stations, we cannot reduce your account to fewer than 10.
  • You will be charged for the total number of stations you have chosen to monitor. However, to reduce charges, you must contact us. Removing a station from active status in your account will not reduce charges. In other words, if your account is activated to monitor 10 stations, but you have only chosen 8, you will be charged for 10.