It’s easy to add a new User. Keep in mind that only the account administrator is able to add new Users or manage Subscriptions.

First, make sure there are Subscriptions available in the account. You can see how many you have purchased and how many are used. If you need more, click on the edit icon next to the Subscription you would like to add.

Each subscription added will be billed at the current rates. See the rate on the Pricing Page.

In the dialogue box, choose a tier (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and how many subscriptions you would like to add:

Be sure to save the changes. Then navigate to Users (right-hand column) and click on Invite New Users.

Enter a name and email address. And be sure to assign a Subscription to the User. If the subscription is not assigned, the User will not be able to access features or stations in AudioLogger.

The new user will receive a notification by email to confirm the account.


  • Each User requires a Subscription.
  • Users have access to all stations in the account without incurring additional charges for stations monitored. The account does not receive additional stations as part of a User Subscription.
  • Users added to the account cannot make changes to the account. Only Administrators can make changes.